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+32 484 47 72 68

Av. de la Toison d'Or 72, Gulden-Vlieslaan, 1060 Brussels

Alive is a Brussels-based socio-spatial design agency that enables local actors to appropriate the city. Through an empathetic and collaborative approach, we aim to make public space more livable.

Our practice ranges from macro-scale urban strategies to micro-scale spatial interventions. In each project we implement a similar approach: we observe existing social and spatial situations, involve the local community and co-produce their everyday environment.

Founded in 2010, our team currently comprises architects, social designers and spatial designers that address the challenges of urban transformation in an interdisciplinary way.

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Dr. Petra Pferdmenges founded the spatial agency Alive Architecture after practicing for five years in internationally recognized offices. She is passionate about innovative social urban transformations, focusing upon projects situated in Brussels. Petra teaches / taught in multiple universities in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Social Designer


Juliette Marchand studied Interior architecture and social innovation design at ESA St Luc Brussels. Her capacities are multi-purpose and she is passionate by projects with a social or ethical value. She is interested in creative thinking, lifelong learning, circular economy and new modes of co-design.


Paùlo Pery, spatial designer
Julie Réveillon, spatial designer
Michael Schuster, artist

Ghazel Aziz, architecture student

Emilie Thabard, architecture student, trainee
Camille Pigeolet, architect, administration
Gaëlle Bojko, architecture student, trainee
Hugo Leprince, student of architecture, responsible projet Jardin des Curiosités
Simon Auperpin, architect, project leader Urban renovation contract Weststation
Boris Papeians, architect, communication & graphic design
Louis Desmartin, architect, project leader Beekkant-West, Brussels
Matteo Paracchini, architect & researcher, communication & graphic design
Arianna Fabrizi De Bianchi, architect, project Step by Step, Brussels

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